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Build dApp on Ramestta

Ramestta Mainnet has live it is a PoS, EVM based Blockchain, with Layer 2 Solution and a framework for building and connecting EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

Scale your Decentralized app in 30 mins.

Testnet & Mainnet are live now !

Built by global developer's, for developer's

Developers simply change Chain ID and enjoy faster EVM executions identical at the bytecode level. They can use their familiar and standard Web3 tooling to easily migrate to Ramestta.

RPC option 1
Network name = RAMESTTA
New RPC URL = https://blockchain.ramestta.com
Chain ID = 1370
Symbol = RAMA
Block explorer = https://ramascan.com/

RPC option 2
Network name = RAMESTTA
New RPC URL = https://blockchain2.ramestta.com
Chain ID = 1370
Symbol = RAMA
Block explorer = https://ramascan.com/

What about users? They can continue to use MetaMask or Ledger — but now pay minimal fees. Any Ethereum wallets or portals can work on Ramestta without code changes or new installs — we are fully compatible for both transaction messages and execution environments.

Ramestta bridges can connect any PoS and PoS chains.

It is inherently more secure

It is more open and PoSerful


Ramestta (RAMA) - a protocol and a framework for building and connecting EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

One-click deployment of preset blockchain networks

Growing set of modules for developing custom networks

Interoperability protocol for exchanging arbitrary messages with EVM and other blockchain networks

Modular and optional “security as a service”

Adaptor modules for enabling interoperability for existing blockchain networks

Explore Ramestta RAMA Technology

Or read the whitepaper for a deep dive


Ramestta (RAMA) has designed a novel Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism for network security and economics. Our Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) reduces centralization and distributes rewards fairly to thousands of validators.

EVM Compatibility

Industry dominance, established tech stack, tools, languages, standards, enterprise adoption


Dedicated blockchains, scalable consensus algorithms, custom Wasm execution environments


Modular ''security as a service'', provided either by Ethereum or by a pool of professional validators


Dedicated throughput/resources, fully customizable tech stack, sovereign governance


Native support for arbitrary message passing (tokens, contract calls etc), bridges to external systems

User Experience

Comparable to Web2, “zero-gas” transactions, instant (deterministic) transaction finality

Developer Experience

Equivalent to EVM, no protocol level knowledge required, no token deposits, fees or permissions


High customizability, extensibility and upgradeability, short time-to-market, community collaboration

Explore Ramestta RAMA Technology

Or read the whitepaper for a deep dive

About us

Ramestta (RAMA) is an open source project built by decentralized team of contributors from all over the world

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Ramestta is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which may be thought of as a global computer that is controlled by many different computers all over the world. Each contact with the blockchain necessitates a tiny transaction cost to reimburse the Ethereum operators – this is the Gas Fee. When the Ethereum blockchain becomes overburdened, the transaction fee rises in accordance with supply and demand.

Ramestta (RAMA) is an open-source project developed by a global community of collaborators or developers. It is an independent protocol and framework for constructing and linking EVM-compatible blockchain networks.

The RAMA Coin is used to pay transaction fees for prospective dApps that operate on the Ramestta blockchain, as well as for staking to secure the network. RAMA Coin is intended to be a utility token that serves as a means of payment and settlement amongst members in the Ramestta Network's ecosystem.

Ramestta Network provides a scalable solution with the greatest transaction capacity of 70,000 TPS in a single sidechain. It has developed in top of the Polygon as Layer 1 (PoS) and Ramestta itself as Sidechain Layer 2 (PoS) solutions to ensure quicker transaction times and reduced transaction fees in.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that can be used for more than just digital assets. Any data (value) transfer is recorded. And this offers up a slew of new options, mainly if we lower the speed and scalability barriers.

Ethereum is a decentralized, expansive blockchain that allows smart contracts. Ether is the platform's cryptocurrency.

Decentralized applications or Dapps are programs that facilitate interaction without the use of foreign entities. Connections that rely on third parties to accomplish the activity include financial transactions and legal discussions. In this aspect, dApps are advantageous since they implement contracts and agreements using solid code and a layer of computers, rather than depending on the expertise and integrity of 3rd parties.

To put it another way, decentralized applications are more advanced versions of traditional apps that provide you with complete control over your transactions. They allow you to interact with a peer without fear of being judged or having Big Brother watching you at all times. These programs, too, do not require any personal data to operate.

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